School of the 70 is about being a student and discovering one’s sonship. As followers of Jesus, we want to learn how to be mature sons (men and women), fully confident in our identity, in order to actively participate in the Father’s work and reflect His glory.

The structure of the School is based on a fragment from the Gospel of Luke 10; 1-10, where Jesus chooses 70 disciples, whose names we do not know, and equips them to cast out demons, heal the sick, preach the gospel of the Kingdom of God, and follow Him to every place He was going.

The School is primarily for those who have already made the decision to submit and dedicate their life to Jesus, and their everyday life reflects this. We want to help them take the next step on the path to becoming a person who will be able to lead others to maturity as well.

The School is characterized by a clear and regular schedule and the practice of discipline. The day starts with physical activity (adapted to the participants’ abilities), followed by individual and group prayers. We also attach great importance to common meals, getting to know each other, and building relationships. The teachings shared by the team and guest speakers are practical and cover all the essential areas of the student’s life. You will learn who you really are in Christ and what your Father in heaven is like. You will hear about His Kingdom and how you can be part of what He is doing today on earth to fulfill the plan He had from the foundation of the world.

Below you can watch a short promotional material for the School of the 70:

School of the 70 dates for 2023:

  • 1st meet: March 31st – April 9th
  • 2nd meet: June 8th – June 18th
  • 3rd meet: August 4th – August 13th

Further details and recruitment process can be found by clicking on the „Apply!” button.